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Fleece Ceilidh Band

The Fleece Ceilidh Band

The Fleece Ceilidh Band (FCB) was formed from musicians that frequented the weekly music session held at The Fleece Inn on Thursday evenings (which still continues- every week from 8.30pm).  The musicians are all proficient in their own art and boast a wide variety of instruments played- including melodeon (button squeeze box), concertina, harmonica, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, double bass, mandolin, whistle, nyckelharpa, drums and vocals (accompanied & un-accompanied). The essence of their music is enjoyment of all they purvey & the ability to encourage enthusiasm from their audiences.

What is a ceilidh?

A social folk or barn dance involving a ‘caller’ who explains the format of he dances and continues to call the figures whist it is in progress- the dances are interspersed with musical entertainment from singers & musicians in the band to entertain during the inter-dance rests.  Sometimes members of the audience are invited to give a performance or ‘turn’, if they feel willing & able.

The emphasis is on enjoying the experience rather than dancing to a level of expertise- tapping feet to the lively tunes and singing along with well known folk songs.


All made through the Fleece Inn: 01386 831173

Ceilidh- usual format is from 8 to 11.00pm (with 30 mins break included)-actual timings are negotiable
Musical entertainment- usually as 45min sets (arranged according to requirements) or for ‘background’ music

The Ceilidh Band is £600 and they provide their own PA.

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